Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) – compliance can be easy

18. January 2022

In the past, making the permanent legal changes in the handling of hazardous substances manageable by the process was only possible for us with an extremely high expenditure of time.

In GeSi Software GmbH from Würzburg, Germany, we have found a highly qualified business partner whose GeSi³ software provides us with optimal support not only in the creation and maintenance of material safety data sheets:

  • New material safety data sheets from our suppliers are imported via the SDBcheck tool with text recognition and can be checked for plausibility very easily. Importing them into the GeSi³ software is child’s play via the integrated interface.
  • We are proactively informed about legal changes via the ongoing updates and are alerted to them in a dashboard.
  • The classification of our mixtures with GeSi³ is carried out in a legally secure manner with reliable calculation logic.
  • After changes to limit values, for example, our business partners receive a new version of the material safety data sheet without being asked.

The benefit for you as our business partner? When it comes to occupational safety, you can fully rely on us because the safety data sheets are legally compliant and always up to date.

We look forward to working with you!

Your See-Plastik team