SEETHAN® brand

Surface finishing for foams, wood, metal and textiles

Flexibility to suit your needs

SEETHAN® is a high-quality polyurethane-based product for the seamless and highly elastic surface finishing of resilient foams, metal, wood and textiles.

The formulations of our products are flexible kits. The individual SEETHAN® types can be adapted to your individual requirements when required.

Our SEETHAN® product line is characterised by its wide range of applications:

  • Foam coating
  • Foam colourant
  • Foam adhesive
  • Wood paint
  • Peel-off film

Both open-pored and closed-pored polyurethane foams can be used for coating.

Colouring of polyurethane foam is possible even without any problems.

SEETHAN® can also be used as a foam adhesive for elastic bonding of polyurethane foams.

Our dispersion-based polyurethane wood paint is breathable, water-repellent and durable.

The high flexibility of the product is also revealed in its use as a peel-off film. Our polyurethane film for the protection of high-quality components can be easily removed as well.


Areas of application

The various SEETHAN® types have already proved successful in the following industries:

Automotive industry

Decorative materials

Medical technology

Furniture industry


Sound technology

Safety technology

Toy industry

Sports industry

Packaging industry


The basis of our products is polyurethane, one of the highest quality raw materials of our time. We offer a perfected product line with the highest quality standard. Through ongoing strict controls, we guarantee the absolutely consistent quality of our products – always the solid basis for long-term success on the world market.

You can see with your own eyes which type of coating you like. You usually know best what requirements this surface finish must meet.


Non-shrinking types ensure contour accuracy, whereas shrinking formulations produce smooth, decorative surfaces even on moulded or milled foams.

The structure of the coating (skin, leather, textile, stone, …) is determined by the SEETHAN® type used and the application technique.

Layer thickness depending on the SEETHAN® type between 10 µm for wafer-thin, highly elastic coatings and 250 µm for resistant, spray leather-like coatings.

Gloss of the coating (glossy, satin, matt) is determined by the type of SEETHAN® used and the application technique.


  • Temperature application range from -30°C to +95°C
    (-22° F to +203° F)
  • Elasticity up to 750 %
  • Available in almost all RAL, Pantone and special colours
  • Flame retardant
  • Electrically conductive
  • Shrinking

Environmental influences

  • Resistant to water, oils, common cleaning agents, fuels and many other chemicals
  • Long life time
  • High durability
  • Coating is physiologically harmless when dry

Container sizes & prices

  • Container sizes available are 200 litre (43.9 imp gal) lidded drums, 30 litre (6.6 imp gal) hobbocks and 12 litre (2.6 imp gal) buckets.
  • The price per sqm ranges from EUR 1 to EUR 30, depending on the type, material application and purchase quantity.


The processing technique depends on the product line

  • The foam coating and foam colouring products are processed exclusively by spraying with compressed air paint spray guns. After evaporation of the fast-volatile, organic solvents, a physiologically harmless, highly elastic polyurethane film is produced.
  • The products peel-off film and foam adhesive can be applied by spraying with compressed-air paint spray guns or by brushing. After evaporation of the fast-volatile, organic solvents, a physiologically harmless, highly elastic polyurethane film is produced.
  • The wood paint product can be applied by spraying with compressed air paint spray guns or by brushing. After evaporation of the water-based additives, a physiologically harmless, highly elastic polyurethane film is produced.

Drying time depends on the SEETHAN® type, the material application quantity and the drying temperature.

Degree of air permeability to water repellency of the dried layer depends on the SEETHAN® type and the material application quantity.

Product lines – foam coating, foam adhesive, foam dye and peel-off film

  • Material is a highly flammable liquid in the as-delivered condition.
  • Technical equipment must be designed to be explosion-proof.
  • The instructions in the safety data sheet must be strictly observed.

SEETHAN® is your reliable partner for the future!

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