Seamless & highly elastic surface finishes

for industrial use

Our experience is your lead!

SEETHAN® brand

SEETHAN® is a word fusion of our company headquarters in Seeshaupt on Lake Starnberg in Germany and the synthetic material of polyurethane.

It is the top product of our company, in terms of quality and aesthetics. SEETHAN® is a liquid film based on polyurethane, which is processed by compressed air spraying or coating technology.

SEETHAN® is ideal for surface finishing of components with free-form surfaces that cannot be laminated at all with sheet material or with considerable effort only. Depending on the area of application and purpose, SEETHAN® offers a variety of economical and efficient surface finishing options.

Company See-Plastik

We have successfully been dealing in the development and production of seamless and highly elastic surface finishes for various applications in the second generation since 1970.


As specialists in the field of liquid polyurethane films, we combine our experience with technology and creativity to continuously further develop our products.

Quality – Made in Germany – is our dictum!

The basis of our products is polyurethane, one of the highest quality raw materials of our time. We offer a perfected product line with the highest quality standard. Through ongoing strict controls, we guarantee the absolutely consistent quality of our products – always the solid basis for long-term success on the world market.

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