Quality improvement with new ERP-Software

20. June 2023

Digitalization is more than just a trend, it has become essential to our business success. Automated business processes make our daily work easier and help us meet the constantly changing legal requirements. Our aim is to provide the best possible quality of our products and service so that you, our business partner, are completely satisfied.

As a multi-stage manufacturer of variants of hazardous substance mixtures, we decided some time ago to raise our business processes to a new level of quality. With the ERP software business express from Dontenwill AG in Munich, we found a partner who not only understands our business, but also offers a highly flexible ERP standard software. Our development, sales, production, purchasing, warehouse, quality management, shipping and service departments work hand in hand in a central and process-oriented software solution. What was previously only possible with a great deal of effort is now often just a mouse click away.

Some highlights:

  • Seamless batch traceability across all stages of production
  • Thanks to integrated hazardous goods processes, the transport document for our forwarding agents is now just a mouse click away
  • Groupware with integrated workflow system for a full overview of every contact with our business partners
  • Automatic production and purchasing planning across all production stages
  • QA sticker with data matrix code for process simplification for our customers
  • DATEV interface for automated transfer of accounting data to our tax advisor
  • Integrated document archive, with which we can find any document in seconds
  • We can make adjustments to layouts, masks and browsers ourselves at any time
  • Highly flexible ERP standard software with full update and upgrade capability for all individual adjustments

Many thanks to Dontenwill AG for their outstanding support