New product line SEETHAN® foam glue

19. April 2023

Heads have been smoking in our development and production departments lately. As a result, we present the new SEETHAN® foam glue product line.

A classic adhesive, usually a different material from the components to be bonded, establishes the bond via surface adhesion and its internal strength (cohesion). Our SEETHAN® one-component foam adhesive is the same material as the polyurethane foam and fuses the components to be bonded instead of just gluing them together. This creates a 100% bond between the two foam parts.

These requirements can be met with SEETHAN® foam adhesive:

  • Bonding of components with free-form surfaces that cannot be bonded at all with sheet material or only with great effort.
  • With low material application, in contrast to an adhesive film or a classic adhesive, the bonded joint is as elastic as the foam itself.
  • Elongation capacity up to 750 %
  • Temperature application range from -30 °C to 100 °C


  • It can be applied by spraying with compressed air paint spray guns or by brushing with a brush. After evaporation of the fast-volatile, organic solvents, a physiologically harmless, highly elastic adhesive layer is formed.
  • The open time depends on the quantity applied. The thinner the adhesive is applied, the shorter the open time. The extension of the open time can be additionally controlled with a retarder.
  • The drying time depends on the quantity applied and the component geometry. The thinner the adhesive is applied and the smaller, the shorter the drying time. The freshly bonded components should dry overnight so that the organic solvents can evaporate completely.
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