New product FLEXI-SHRINK

11. October 2023

We have always tailored our formulations to your individual requirements so that our customers receive the best possible product for their application. However, there are limits to this flexibility, for example if different components have different shrinkage requirements. As a first step, we have decided to offer our customers flexible adjustment of the shrinkage behavior of our SEETHAN® foam coatings with our new product FLEXI-SCHRUMPF.

Basically, the more FLEXI-SCHRUMPF added to SEETHAN® product, the stronger the shrinkage behavior:

  • Small irregularities in the foam are smoothed out
  • The surface becomes fundamentally smoother
  • Edges become rounder, especially with soft foams
  • The component may warp if too much material is applied, or if the coating is applied too slowly or on one side only
  • The drying time of the coated components is somewhat longer

We hope that this flexibility will make it easier for our customers to carry out their processing operations.

Your team See-Plastik GmbH